Don’t Miss Happy Moments Because of Hearing Loss!

Hearing loss impacts life’s special moments. The Hearing Institute can help you get back to experiencing these happy moments to their fullest!

At The Hearing Institute, Hearing Aids are Both Affordable & Highly Effective!

Hearing aids are often viewed as too expensive, so individuals delay or avoid taking care of their hearing loss and miss out on key life moments. At The Hearing Institute, our prices are 50% or LESS than local competitors, for the same products with the same guarantees!

Digital, Rechargable Hearing Aids

The Hearing Institute offers revolutionary digital technology that is programmed to meet your specific hearing needs, and at a fraction of the cost of other area providers! Ask us about digital and rechargeable hearing aids at your appointment!

Yes, We Offer Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Options!

Schedule an appointment at The Hearing Institute to learn about our over-the-counter hearing aid options and to find out if they will meet your hearing needs.

Hearing Aids in Lapeer, Michigan

The Hearing Institute doesn’t just help you with a hearing aid.
We help you determine the cause of hearing loss.
It’s how we find the RIGHT treatment & help you hear again!

– Our Featured Services –

Hearing Screenings & Exams

Hearing Aid
Purchasing & Repair

Tinnitus / Ringing Ear

OTOSET® Earwax

- Meet Dawn, Your Hearing Expert -

Dawn Morski, LHAD

Dawn Morski, LHAD

Licensed Hearing Aid Dealer, Tinnitus Specialist

The Hearing Institute’s owner is Dawn Morski. Dawn has 27 years of experience in the hearing care field. She is a Licensed Hearing Aid Dealer (LHAD) and a Tinnitus Specialist. Dawn’s goal is to help every person have the chance to get back to hearing, and in a family-friendly, caring environment.

"Hearing is a necessity; this is not an option. Hearing is for everyone! Without hearing, you miss the happy moments. I can help change that!"

The Hearing Institute Helps With:

SensoriNeural Hearing Loss

Conductive Hearing

Mixed Hearing Loss (both SensorINEURAL & Conductive)



What to Expect & Preparing for Your Appointment

*for all services except hearing aid repair

  • We call and check insurance for benefits.
  • Most patient intake is done over the phone and/or with emailed electronic forms. We’re also happy to help you with your intake process if you stop by the office!
  • We will need your insurance card and ID at time of check-in for your appointment.
  • During your appointment we will walk you through everything you need to know. We’ll provide you with a lot of education and information, and answer all your questions.
  • Our goal is to determine: Is a hearing aid needed? Or, if you have a hearing aid, does it need to be re-programmed for your newest hearing needs?

Our Location:

Main Office
Lapeer Market Place Plaza
(Behind Starbucks)
700 S. Main Street, Suite 103
Lapeer, MI 48446

Home Office
3635 Country View Drive
Oxford, MI 48371

Contact Us:

(810) 660-7944

Office Hours:


Monday: 9 AM - 5 PM
Tuesday: 9 AM - 5 PM
Wednesday: 9 AM - 5 PM
Thursday: 9 AM - 5 PM
Friday by appointment only

We Accept:

  • All Major Credit Cards
  • TruHearing, Nations & Epic Insurance
  • Most Insurances*
  • Cash / Check

*Please Check with Office to Determine if Your Insurance is Accepted.

The Hearing Institute

Here’s Why You Should Contact
The Hearing Institute

  • Stay Ahead of Health Risks. There is a link between hearing loss and a heightened risk of dementia. Protect your health by staying informed!
  • Reap the Benefits of Proactive Care. Managing hearing loss can lead to significant health improvements, including a lower risk of dementia, a reduction in anxiety & fatigue, and fewer fall-related injuries.
  • Prevent the Progression of Hearing Loss. Hearing problems that are ignored or untreated can get worse.

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    Hear What Happy Patients Are Saying

    About Their Experience at The Hearing Institute

    Dawn, I want to thank you for everything! Your heart & soul are dedicated to helping people, it is obvious through your kindness and empathy. Your huge knowledgebase and understanding about the emotional and physical journey people endure through hearing loss proves you are an expert in your area and a kind and caring friend to balance the whole hearing loss process. You have a gift. I know in my heart you felt as much pain as I did. You have truly been our angel.

    Keri P.

    Dawn at The Hearing Institute is beyond compassionate and caring. She is effective and life-changing. I could tell she was passionate about what she does and focused on taking care of my needs. You can also see how she applies this same attitude to the community as a whole. She is looking for people who haven’t gotten the best in hearing care so she can finally give them the best. There is no one taking care of your ears like The Hearing Institute.

    Colleen H.

    Well, what can I say. You won’t feel like the same person after you’re done at this place. Everything changed and my ears that once felt broken now feel fixed for good. I hope I’ll never have to live with them broken again, I missed out on so much, but no more because I can rely on Dawn. God bless Dawn and what she did for me so I could get back to some kind of normal again. I will recommend anyone to this place so they can get their hearing taken care of like I did.

    Raymond L.

    As a long time hearing aid user, I've experienced a big improvement in my overall hearing. My new device has clear and crisp sound quality and reduces background noises and has made a positive impact on my everyday life. I am extremely grateful for the expertise and care in solving this problem. Their thorough assessment and personalized approach to my hearing needs made a significant difference. I am glad I have them nearby for my hearing needs.

    Marcus D.